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Quality Styles

Our patent pending solution will be beneficial for the caregiver as well as the individual in the following ways:

Provide dignity, save time and energy, promote general well being, prevent medical complications, and save unnecessary medical expenses

Innovative Designs

We care about the problem of getting anyone dressed with ease with our patent pending pants solution.

Be Ready N' Style

Our unique cost effective solution has a detachable fly area, for easy closing. This feature will simplify your life. No more leaving our loved ones in bed, dressed in hospital gowns instead of regular clothing. No more reducing our loved ones' world to the four walls of a room. These pants can be worn by anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

Who we are

We are Five Clan Medical Clothing and Services LLC.Our company was founded by five nurses who care. Our unique and innovative patent pending B.R.N.S or Be Ready n' Style, is a unique solution for both caregivers as well as the individual.

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We love to hear from our customers. We encourage you to get in touch as the process is often more straightforward than people thing..